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How Talent Needs Evolve During the Pandemic

As we celebrate the Philippine Labor Day this year it is just right to recognize the economic and social significance of the Filipino workforce. It is also timely to share our insights and learnings from a human capital business perspective.

ZMG Group Marks 40 Years of Leadership in the Human Capital Industry

MEDIA RELEASE – Premier executive search firm ZMG Ward Howell and other member companies of the ZMG Group marks its 40th year in 2019, and takes on the theme “40 and future-proof,” which conveys a heightened need for human capital readiness in an ever-changing business and labor landscape.

ZMG Ward Howell Holds Career Talk in UP Diliman

As UP Diliman’s class of 2019 get ready to receive their diplomas this summer, various colleges and student organizations are now in the thick of activities lined up for seniors, such as job fairs and career talks.

This year, the College of Business Administration and Accountancy hosted a series of career talks for their batch, with ZMG Ward Howell as the sole recruitment firm invited to give them a preview of joining the workforce after university life.

Inspiring Global & Transparent Leadership

We were happy to have Mr. Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., President & CEO of the U.S.-based Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) talking about Leadership at the SHRM CEO & CXO Network today.

Starting with data that more than half of employees do not find their leaders inspiring, Johnny, who was recently appointed adviser to Pres. Donald Trump as Chairman of the Board of Historically Black Colleges & Universities, shared three simple yet very relevant points on what it takes to really engage employees.

Leadership by Choice, Not by Chance

As a postscript to Women’s Month, ZMG Ward Howell Co-Founder and Chairman Jeanette Zulueta reflects on the lessons she has learned as a female leader in the workplace. She shares her thoughts on the occasion of the 68th birthday of the firm’s Founder, the late Gigi Zulueta.

Nurturing Talent in the Digital Age

When companies create their roadmaps for their digital transformation journey, what remains as the critical piece of the plan is ironically not some form of technology. Human capital is a cornerstone and is still very much the central resource of any company. After all, the success of a company’s digital transformation sits on the shoulders of people: those that will carry out the transformation and those that will be impacted by it.

The Business Case for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become a business imperative that cuts across all industries. What looked to be confined to known early adopters such as telcos, tech, retail, and FSI companies has expanded to all other sectors that now share the same pressure to transform. This pressure to transform is heavily driven by customer needs that have not only changed but are continuously evolving along with customer behavior.

Jesus Zulueta receives posthumous Ateneo Alumni Association Homecoming Award

ZMG Ward Howell founder Jesus “Gigi” Zulueta Jr. now joins Ateneo de Manila’s top jubilarian graduates with a posthumous honor given during the Ateneo Alumni Association (AAA) Homecoming Awards, held on November 25, 2017. Ms. Jeannette Zulueta was present during the ceremony, and received the AAA Homecoming Award on behalf of her late husband.

Origin and Identity: Remembering Gigi Zulueta

What makes companies great? What makes the prominent companies of our time rise above the others? Often, the answer is in the origin. A bright idea conceived in the mind of the founder. Armed with courage to take risks and tenacity amid failure, founders set out to build organizations that become so renowned and far greater than the sum of its parts.

People Readiness is Business Readiness

The year-end homestretch is upon us, and adding to the holiday rush are annual business planning activities coupled with that final push to reach performance targets and client commitments. By this time, many leadership teams have already taken stock of what to prepare for in 2018. The usual givens are a mainstay in any planning template: what changes will be anticipated, how will the business respond, and what can be expected from the competition.

Shifting Practices

Professional recruitment has changed considerably in the past decade or so, and, not surprisingly, the rise of digital technologies has played a major role. These technologies have made it so convenient to get the word out about a vacancy that needs to be filled.

Becoming Relevant in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The fourth industrial revolution is here and now. But while technology is on the rise, nothing still compares to the human insight in evaluating and hiring talent.