ZMG Supreme: The 2024 ZMG Group Teambuilding

Last May 17, 2024, ZMG Group hosted its annual teambuilding event. This year’s event, dubbed “ZMG Supreme,” took place in the picturesque Timberland Heights, located in Barangay Guitnang Bayan II, San Mateo, Rizal. The lush landscapes, steep mountains, and serene environment of San Mateo, Rizal provided the perfect backdrop for a day dedicated to strengthening team bonds and enhancing organizational agility.

Participants from ZMG Group were safely transported to the venue by Maynilad Tours & Educational Services, Inc., ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey. Some of the bus riders had fun and enjoyed the journey by participating in ice-breaker games and singing karaoke, making the trip lively and fun. Upon arrival, the team was welcomed by Maria Veronica “Nikki” Vergara, the Chief Wellbeing Officer and co-founder of Positive Workplaces. Nikki, renowned for her expertise in fostering positive work environments, was the facilitator for the day’s activities. Inspiring words then were shared by ZMG Group’s Chairman, Jeanette Zulueta along with Group CEO and Vice Chairman, Alexander Genil to formally set the tone for the event.

The day kicked off with “Discovering Strengths” an engaging session focused on Values in Action and Character Strengths. This heartfelt activity encouraged participants to delve deep into their personal values and recognize their unique character strengths. By understanding and leveraging these strengths, team members could enhance their contributions to the organization and foster a more cohesive and resilient team dynamic.

In the “Class of Strengths” segment, participants were grouped based on their identified strengths. This activity not only highlighted the diversity of talents within the team but also emphasized the importance of collaboration and mutual respect. By appreciating each other’s strengths, team members could build stronger, more supportive relationships.

One of the most unexpected events was the own version of Positive Workplace’s Amazing Race. Teams navigated through a series of challenges that required strategic thinking, effective communication, and teamwork. This activity not only fostered a sense of camaraderie but also showcased the team’s ability to work together under pressure and achieve common goals. Nikki Vergara encouraged everyone to carry forward the lessons learned and to apply their newfound understanding of strengths and teamwork in their daily work life.

Before the day concluded, the group’s employees enjoyed the facilities in Timberland for wall climbing, swimming, badminton, volleyball, friendly basketball competition, and some even did karaoke and bingo. It was a fun and energetic way before wrapping up the day, with everyone participating enthusiastically, showcasing their competitive spirit, and cheering each other on. As the event drew to a close, participants gathered for a reflection session. They shared their experiences, insights, and the personal growth they had achieved throughout the day.

The ZMG Supreme 2024 teambuilding event was a resounding success, reinforcing one of the company’s commitments to fostering a positive and productive workplace culture. As ZMG Group looks to the future, it does so with a renewed sense of unity, purpose, and determination to remain competitive and agile in the ever-evolving business landscape.

With the foundation of strong relationships and a deep understanding of individual and collective strengths, ZMG Group is well positioned to continue its journey towards excellence and to celebrate many more milestones in the years to come.