Tatak ZMG: ZMG Group Year End Party 2023 

As the curtains draw on another successful year, ZMG Group, an industry leader in the recruitment business, celebrated the accomplishments and dedication of its employees with a memorable Year End Party. Aptly titled #TatakZMG, the event was a culmination of hard work, collaboration, and shared success.

The night began with a warm welcome at the entrance, where ZMG Group employees had gathered for a night of celebrations. The registration area was buzzing with anticipation as people lined up for the party.

Hosts Lorraine Paraiso, Business Development Manager from Asia People Works, Liza Bernal, Recruitment Manager from APW Tech, and Adam Vida, Associate, Financial Services Practice from ZMG Ward Howell, welcomed everyone. Then the night began with a sumptuous Filipino dinner buffet, setting the tone for an evening of indulgence.

Throughout the dinner, the crowd was kept on their toes with the announcement of minor raffle winners, adding an extra layer of excitement to the already festive atmosphere. A curated mood-setting video and a heartfelt performance by the ZMG Group Chorale added a touch of elegance and harmony to the evening.

Before the awarding segment started, opening remarks was delivered by the esteemed Chairman and Co-founder, Ms. J’net Zulueta, and Group CEO and Vice Chairman, Mr. Alexander M. Genil, setting a tone of gratitude and reflection on the collective achievements of the year.

One of the highlights of the occasion was the recognition of the ZMG Group’s loyal employees. The Loyalty Awards segment saw employees receiving plaques for their dedication and service, with special mentions for those marking their 5, 10, 15, and 20-year milestones.

The prestigious 5-year plaques were presented by Ms. J’net Zulueta alongside Mr. Alexander M. Genil. Moving forward in the celebration, Ms. J’net Zulueta, joined by the Group VP for Finance and General Affairs and APW CEO, Mr. Hernan Saringan, bestowed the 10-year plaques upon deserving recipients. The grand moment of the 15-year plaque awards unfolded under the leadership of Ms. J’net Zulueta, accompanied by WH-APS-ASI President & CEO, Mr. Hans Bayaborda, and Mr. Alexander M. Genil.

Returning to the stage with utmost enthusiasm, the Chairman and Co-founder, Ms. J’net Zulueta, graced the event alongside the Executive Vice President, Ms. Regina Zulueta-Perlas, and the Group CEO & Vice Chairman, Mr. Alex M. Genil. Together, they proudly presented the loyalty plaque to our esteemed 20-year Loyalty Awardee, marking a remarkable milestone in the recipient’s dedicated service to ZMG Group.
The festivities continued with the awarding of the ZMG Excellence and CX Champions, acknowledging exceptional contributions from individuals who surpassed expectations in ensuring the group’s success. This year’s distinguished awardees not only made significant contributions but also exemplified the highest standards of ZMG’s core values, creating a splendid showcase of dedication.

The ZMG CX Champions of the Year Award were given to Mr. Mark Pesimo, Senior Software Engineer, Mr. Arjay C. Veluz, Consultant – Financial Services, and Mr. Alden James Del Rosario, Practice Director for AsiaPeople Search. Subsequently, the ZMG Excellence Award was presented to Ms. Maria Victoria Aro, Practice Director, Insurance Practice.

Team spirit soared as ZMG Ward Howell, AsiaPeople Search, Asia Select, and Asia PeopleWorks performed their presentations. Unpredictability and joy were added to the event by a surprise presentation by ZMG Group Leaders.

The night reached its crescendo with the announcement of major raffle winners, including coveted prizes like a Smart TV. The closing remarks, delivered by ZMG’s Group Chairman and Co-founder, Ms. J’net Zulueta, and CEO and Vice Chairman, Mr. Alexander M. Genil, expressed gratitude for the collective efforts that made ZMG’s success possible.

As the formalities concluded, the Year End Party transformed into a jubilant after-party. Attendees raised their glasses in a toast to the company’s achievements, making memories that will resonate long into the new year.

The event came to a close with a group photo that captured the enjoyment and unity of the ZMG Group family. Colleagues left the venue with hearts full of pride, ready to tackle new challenges in the coming year.

In the spirit of “Tatak ZMG,” the Year End Party was a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence, collaboration, and a shared vision for the future of the business. Cheers to another year of success and to the relentless spirit of the ZMG Group!