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We are a leading executive search firm with over 40 years of solid experience in local and international searches for senior and mid-level executives in various industries. As an expert in talent management and leadership development, the company practices discretion and upholds the highest ethical standards when dealing with its assignments. Our commitment to delivering customized solutions has earned it a strong reputation in the industry, particularly in Asia where it has established itself as a go-to search firm. Additionally, we have five affiliate companies that specialize in HR solutions, executive search, and outsourced services. With a focus on understanding clients’ needs and forming strategic partnerships, we are well-positioned to provide professional, efficient, and reliable service to its partners.

Delivering Professional and Reliable Service

With a focus on forming meaningful and strategic partnerships, we are committed to understanding the personal and business needs of each client to provide professional, efficient, and reliable service. We are organized by different practice groups to best suit the diverse needs of its clients, and its consultants work hand-in-hand to identify the best talent for each assignment. We are also part of the Ward Howell International global alliance of search firms, giving us access to a wider network of resources and expertise.

Creating Meaningful Work Experiences: The Hallmark of an Innovative Company

ZMG Ward Howell, Inc. takes employee engagement to a new level by creating meaningful employee experiences, whether in person or at home, making room for more collaboration and stronger connections as #ONEZMGGroup through monthly All Hands sessions, quarterly R3R (Reward, Recognize & Rally), Coffee Hour sessions, ZMG Afternoon Delight (A Learning Engagement with Associate Directors) and more.
At ZMG Ward Howell, learning never ceases, as the Company likewise continues to invest in its talents, offering opportunities for continuous development through a variety of learning initiatives – Mentorship Program, iLead (Leadership Development Program), Behavioral Interview and Talent Assessment Program, and many more.

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Best Executive Search Firm in Asia 2022

Vinny Awards 2022

PH Search & Staffing Engagement Award

2021 LinkedIn Talent awards

Recognition from Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank 2007

Appreciation from eTelecare Global Solutions

eTelecare Global Solutions 2006

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The ZMG Group

Asia Select, Inc.    

A human capital solutions firm bringing people and career opportunities together. Specializing in talent attraction and recruitment through our core solutions Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Contingency & Executive Search.

P.T. Asia Select Indonesia
Recognized as a leading executive search firm in Indonesia. Since 2003, it has evolved from a mid-level recruitment company to become a strategic partner of local conglomerates and multinational companies for their senior leadership talent requirements in fast-moving consumer goods, pharmaceutical, retail, banking and financial services and other industries.
Asia Peopleworks    
A full outsource service company focusing on property management, customer service, merchandising and promotions, as well as logistics support services. It also provides human resources support services to client companies such as: Records administration and management, Payroll and benefits administration, Compensation and benefits, applicable laws, Sourcing and recruitment (assessment and testing), Pre-employment training/company orientation.
AsiaPeople Search    
A recruitment company focused on entry to mid-level volume hiring requirements of clients in banking, financial services, and industrial/commercial sectors.
Wynn Ward Howell  
A search firm based in Myanmar and is focused on executive search for both local and international placements for senior and mid-level executives.

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