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Jesus M. Zulueta, Jr. (JMZ) the founder of the ZMG Group. His life’s work elevated the stature of Filipino talent, making him an icon in the human capital industry. JMZ’s priorities were building sticky relationships with clients, and the pursuit of continual learning.


After four months of training in Syndney, Australia under W.D Scott & Co., JMZ started to do management consulting in the Philippines, a precursor to what would later become ZMG Ward Howell.


JMZ established W.D: Scott in the Philippines, which consulting services that focused on time and motion studies, and productivity improvement programs.


The first executive search work was done for Citibank consumer ban, and the very first talent was Mr. Gerry Ablaza, Jr., who now holds leadership roles in many companies of Ayala Group.


ZMG Consultants was formed when JMZ partnered with Hong Kong based headhunter (Michele) and Investment banker (Golamco). ZMG stands for Zulueta-Michele-Golamco.


ZMG partnered with Hasta Reka Dharani, a recruitment firm in Jakarta, indonesia. This marked the firm’s expanding network outside of the Philippines.


JMZ acquired full ownership of W.D. Scott and established W.D. Scott Philippines, Inc. which focused on executive search as its only business. The following year, ZMG Asia, Inc. was launched as the new company name.


Gaining prominence for its quality executive search work, ZMG Asia, Inc. was recognized as the Philippine partner of Ward Howell International. Hence, the company name changed to Ward Howell ZMG, Inc.


Asia Corporate Selection, Inc was created as part of the ZMG Group to focus on mid-level job placements and was later renamed to Asia Select, Inc. in 2001.


ZMG Ward Howell became the PH partner of Signum International, thus adopting the name, ZMG Signum Ward Howell, Inc. until early 2009.


ZMG Ward Howell had a brief Presence in Kuala Lumpur when it partnered with Signium Malaysia.


Continuing to increase its presence in Asia, ZMG Ward Howell established presence in Mumbai, India. The India office operated until early 2011.


Asia Peopleworks became a separate entity from Asia Select, Inc. to focus on outsourced staffing services.


AsiaPeople Search was created to accommodate the market for entry to mid-level volume recruitment.


Furthering the expansion of ZMG Ward Howell’s Network, Wynn Ward Howell was established in Myanmar to provide HR Consulting specifically on learning and development.


The ZMG group celebrated its 40th anniversary with the theme “40 and future-proof” which conveyed a heightened need for human capital readiness in an ever changing business and labor landscape.


With the outbreak of the worldwide pandemic, the ZMG Group stood resilient and it continued to support client requirements while the org shifted gears to remote working and fast-tracked development of technology solutions.


ZMG Ward Howell is not only a leader in executive search and talent management solutions, but also a socially responsible organization committed to giving back to the community. ZMG Ward Howell incorporates its core values in every aspect of its operations. Moreover, we continue to foster a culture of continuous learning for our employees to help them grow and develop both personally and professionally. ZMG Ward Howell stands out as a dynamic and ethical organization that goes beyond its business operations to create positive change in society.